The following is the beginning of a series of inspireed pieces composed by individuals who have received my assistance with The Method.



Inspired Response To The Method # 1

By Zoe


The tree is beginning to grow from deep

In my core

This tree I’ve been carrying the seed of inside

For all of my life

But afraid to water or show to the sun

This tree whose shadow I’ve had so many

Moments of glimpsing

When nature inspired or moments of

Creativity enlivened or intimacy unleashed

This tree I let live in moments of

Shadowed imagination

And then pave back under my

Worrying obsessing fearing mind

This tree is being called now again

To grow

And O fee; the blessedness of branches

Reaching Heaven

Those branches new feeling as

Real as my earthly body

And sap running up through them

To the source

Unleashed by a Method, a strong

Fierce loving guide, and desire for growth

Whose stars are lining up

In perfection with my stars lining up

Into alignment; and this guide into his;

The path is unfurling into divine

Branches of light,

And it is time for me to be the

Strength my tallest tree is.


Time for sun and water and oxygen,

And time for sap running

And my gratitude is deep to my roots,

For source making its presence


As my branches grow

As I sit beside this great magical oak

Of a Bob who offers the secrets

Of a heart map for growing,

And stands beside with shade and sun

Beaming, and

Blowing the whispers of wind

In the branches, and God’s knowing.


I am blessed.

I am blessed.

I am blessed.

I am a blessing.

And one day soon I will

Stand as a great willow,

Where others will weep and rejoice

And grow their own branches

Or I will dance in the ashes

And cinders and sing their song.

Enchantment is real and alive.

Let the world know its dark

Troubles are a distant shadow

If one chooses to be fully tree.





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