The Clearing 


The End Game


Watch your thoughts

They create your reality.


Guidance from within

Descends through an open mind

Into an open heart.


Perfection is the feeling

Of sanctified desire, or love.


Use and develop your gifts and talents,

Pursue your deepest interests,

For the joy of it.


The “end game” is now;

Now is the time to live your life fully.


Good energy is the energy of joyful harmony:

The silent music stirring your heart from within.


Good energy springs from the inner fountain of your soul

As you trust life completely and with all of your heart.


Accept uncertainty as your freedom 

From the need not know.


Gratitude is the way I really feel

About the freedom to just be

That only I can give to me.


How I perceive or conceive of I

Either oppresses or liberates my joy.



I As God


Accepting I as God

Accepts and trusts in 

My unconditional and limitlessly creative nature.


Personhood consists of the limiting and distorted values 

I impose upon my experiences and possibilities.


The best use of my creative power

Is to free it from the limitations

Of my constricting ideas

Of what is possible.


Intention directs the creative process.

The highest intention is the intention

To be open and receptive

To the intention of a higher state of being

Than the personal.


Raising your vibrations means

Opening your heart to unconditional joy

Arising and expanding, which causes or allows

Your circumstances to improve on their own.


Worry is a misuse of the mind

That troubles the heart,

Resulting from resistance to the unconditional joy and love

That springs from the heart of unconditional trust,

Liberated from believing in the false need to know

Exactly what is to come.

Eliminate worry.


Let your open-hearted free-flow of joy

Design the visualizations of your mind

And live without visualization

Until you receive inner visions

That free and expand your happy feeling

Of unbounded possibility.


You create your world

With your feelings, thoughts, actions and speech;

Guided by your deepest sense 

Of love and truth, goodness and beauty,

Liberation and joy, 

You abide in the World of Perfection.


Create for the love of creating and

For the love of what are creating.


Fear is the essence of emotional suffering.


When you relax and trust

You clear the way for joy and love 

To flow freely and fill your happy heart to overflowing

And your life abounds with miracles.


The Method is a powerful, simple means for releasing from the inner patterns that block our joyful abundance and experience of true freedom and fulfillment in every area of life.  Contact me to schedule a complimentary initial phone ore Skype coaching session to experience the benefits.


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