The Method For Entering Your Life's Perfection


The universe always works perfectly (despite appearances to the contrary).  The wonderful truth about your life is the perfection that always is.   Beliefs, desires and emotional reactions that portray what is happening as less than perfect are based on illusion. The Method sets us free!


The truth of our life's perfection is something that we can always rely upon it. As we do so, our lives flow more joyfully and effortlessly. We experience increasing ease, gratitude and abundance in every area of life. 


Your life is always perfect.  Your thoughts about your life to the contrary do not change this fact.  Your painful emotional reactions and desires do not change this fact. Your life always and inevitably flows perfectly, even while your thoughts present you with dangers, problems, losses and difficulties that appear anything but perfect, and even while your desires and painful emotional reactions torment you with the pain of loss, lack, disappointment and fear. 


Perfection, Joy and Accountability 

Joy is the feeling of perfection.  It takes you into the experience of the miraculous, magical life that is more wonderful than your greatest dreams. 


The only blockage to your feeling of joy is your resistance to it.  That’s right, when you are not feeling joy it is because on an unconscious level you are choosing to feel stress, worry, unhappiness and other forms of unhappiness.  Why would you do this?  You were programed to believe that stress, worry, pressure, anger and unhappiness are necessary, responsible and justified approaches to life.  You then practiced dealing with your life’s challenges in these painful ways, strengthening and deepening them as your “go-to” reactions (see: Your Life In 3 Stages).   The Method frees you from these habitual reaction patterns and from the false programming that underlies them.


Instead of relying on your pain-producing thoughts, emotional reactions and desires; instead of fixating on appearances, opinions and ideas that justify your belief in imperfection and reinforce your unhappy states; trust joy.  Using The Method makes this possible. When you allow yourself to live in joy, you allow life’s perfection to reveal itself. 


Whether you live in perfection or imperfection is up to you.  When you feel unhappy, accept 100% accountability for it. Don’t blame anyone for how you feel. Don’t make excuses for your unhappiness by pointing to circumstances or using rationals that would justify and validate it.  Do the inner work that frees you.  Use The Method.


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The Method Works!
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