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I'm a writer. I've pretty much always been a writer.  I didn't become a writer to make money.  I did it because I wanted to do what I love all the time, and I've managed to do that for the past 40 years.  For me there seemed to be no choice.  I think what makes a writer a writer is the need to write.


Most of us were raised with the false, limiting belief that we have to sacrifice what we love to make a living. Part of this programming is the belief that you have to work hard to earn what you need.  The more intensely you struggle and strain, we were taught, the safer and more successful you will be.  And despite life’s plethora of demonstrations to the contrary, people continue to live under the soul-crushing burden of this misguided programming. 


The toll of this programming is staggering.  Widespread hunger and poverty, violent crime, war, broken homes, nervous breakdowns, and a pervasive sense of failure and worthlessness in the hearts and minds of so many human beings.  When we sacrifice our joy we lose our love, our faith, our humanity and our minds.


When you look around you, who appears to be working the hardest?  What are the most strenuous forms of work that you have observed?  How about paving a black-top road in Phoenix, Arizona in 115 degree heat, day after day after day?  How about following that day of grueling labor with a nightshift of driving a cab?  When that hard worker comes home, it is not to a mansion.  His wife is probably on her way out the door to contribute her share of hard labor to put food on the table for their little ones.  And what sort of food is that?  Organic?  That would probably be beyond their budget.


If this programming that excludes joy from work was accurate these people who struggle slavishly to make ends meet (and often fall short of doing so), who have the highest crime and addiction rates and the shortest life-span expectations, would be wealthier than the richest executive on Wall Street. 


Do billionaires really work a billion times harder than you do?  The reasoning behind the hard-work programming is boldly fallacious, and yet the masses continue to subscribe to it and continue raising children to believe that earning a living and living in joy are at cross-purposes and mutually exclusive; while nothing could be further from the truth.


The truth is that abundance flows in your life when you are living an inspired life, honoring your joy.  Your days are financially fruitful and rich in meaning when work flows light and breezy.  


Yes, working hard is necessary; but not for earning a living.  Our true feeling of joy requires that we work hard from a passionate desire to do the work, because we love the work we are doing.  You are then not working hard to survive, you are working hard to enjoy the full, free expression of your gifts and talents in meaningful service.  You are working for the fun of it, for the fun of being as creative and resourceful and helpful as you can be.


The Method is an effective tool for freeing ourselves from the negative programming that drives us to work (or to resist working) under the burden of obligation instead of for the joy of inspiration.  As you achieve this freedom you can live in harmony and work in joy for the flow of abundance you desire. 


The truth is that you are very precious to the universe.  You are a sacred gift to creation, and in line with that the universe wants to take care of you, wants to treat you as precious.  The universe is like a loving parent that wants you to feel happy, loved, secure, fulfilled, valued and purposeful.  It wants you to experience real thriving.  But it cannot do this for you unless you do it for yourself first.  


As you honor your need to live and work (play hard) in joy by treating your self and your joy as precious, you will find the universe supporting you fully and abundantly.   


The fear that blocks us from relying on joyful work, work that can be better defined as "playing hard", is released through The Method.  This release frees you to discover that joy is your true source of abundance.


If you feel blocked or held back from knowing and doing what you love for all that you want in life, contact me to schedule your demonstration of The Method  via phone or Skype.  The session lasts only around 20 minutes and the results are immediate.


The Method Works!
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