Providing the ongoing support you need to live your wisdom, transform your inner life, and joyfully create the life conditions you would love.



The Method Works, and you  deserve the benefits!   


What is the charge per session?

For Phone or Skype: The average ranges from $100 to $250 per call,depending upon your comfort zone and the value you place on the session.


Another option is for you to join my weekly Zoom class.  Email me for more information. (Many individual clients/students opt for both individual and group/community sessions. The combination produces exponential benefits, including the great benefit of connecting with a group of individuals from all over the world following a spiritual path similar to yours.


How frequently should we do sessions?

Once per week is generally preferred, but my schedule does not always permit for that.  


How long do the calls last?

Each call lasts around 30 - 45 minutes, depending on how chatty we get.  The process itself takes less than 20 minutes.  The first call usually takes a bit longer to provide you with some basic info that does not have to be repeated.    


What can I expect from a session? 

The results are immediate.  Freedom from stress, a feeling of real joy, inner peace and empowerment fill you right away.  Positive life-changes often occur immediately. Each session builds momentum, resulting in longer and stronger positive results.  




"The video (you emailed us today was) just perfect! It is really a reminder to me just how wonderful I feel after one of your sessions - calm and free from worry and anxiety with a smile. It really is instant relief! Thank you!" 


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The New Wisdom Of Joy

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Heartily endorsed by:
Rev. John Strickland, Minister, Atlanta Unity
Rev. James King, Minister, Unity of Greenville




"I had an experience that I thought could benefit you. A colleague of mine, Bob Lancer, has discovered a breakthrough method for reversing negative patterns he calls The Method. I experienced a demonstration of The Method for myself and it was quite remarkable. Bob did this for me over the phone. I’ve worked very closely with Bob on a number of projects over the last 5 years, and I can confidently say his integrity is impeccable and his level of achievement and competency at doing things of this nature is extremely high."  Tom Cramer, CEO and Co-Founder of Braintrust CEO


4  Ways For YOU To Benefit From  THE METHOD


1. Individual Coaching Via Phone, Skype and In-Person  


2. THE METHOD Seminars and Retreats 


3. Join my international Zoom Workshops held weekly  


4.  Have THE METHOD, Will Travel:  
I am ready to travel anywhere in the world to share
The Method with your group in a live format. I also present The Method Workshops to groups via Skype.   





Watch the many videos on this site to learn more about The MEthod, and read the many free articles to help you to live the life of joy you will love!

The Method Works!
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