"Thank you Bob for working with me to raise my vibration of feeling good. I am grateful for you and your energy that i felt right away. How does it get any better than that?" Helen


Hello, I'm Bob Lancer, and my purpose is simple: to provide you with immediate relief from emotional pain
and release from financial difficulty.  



Because it works!

THE METHOD is not a philosophy. 


It's a simple guided meditation process that takes you to a higher level of counsciousnes, beyond lack,
liberating your joy and abundance.


A session takes just 20 minutes
Your first is complimentary.


Email me today to set up your phone or Skype session.

You need not suffer the pain of financial difficulty
another day.


There is no travel time as we do
The Method over the phone.


Contact me to set up your
complimentary phone
session today.


There is no reason why spiritual seekers should be struggling with financial issues, when the spiritual path to higher consciousness is actually
the only truly practical path in life.



When we started our session today and you asked “How are you?” my answer was generic and based on the situations I was dealing with in my life.  I don’t believe I have really ever asked myself “How am I?” from the perspective of my being which is what you were inquiring about.  This session allowed me to realize I have been feeding things in my past so they are ready to bring negativity to my present.  After the session I felt aware, alive, energetic, in control, curious, interested, loved, accepted and at peace.  Love and acceptance are things that I rarely identify with mainly because I have been unsure whether I deserve them or not, but I do.  I am part of the energy of the divine and I have been minimizing my inclusion in the energy as though I must earn it.  You showed me that it is mine now, has always been mine and will always be mine and that the joy and peace that go with that knowledge belong to me everyday.  This is my true self.  Thank you, I am so ready to meet with you again next week.

L. Wright, Pres. Solvitsoft.com


For Spiritual Seekers:  I'll guide you through The Method to dissolve your financial difficulties and release your joy, the free expression of your gifts and talents, and the fulfillment of your true life purpose.


For Buisinesses: I'll bring The Method into your workplace for a happier worrk-team and to release the flow of abundance in your business.


The Method For Troubled Teens: My background in child development has enabled me to develop The Method to assist Teens in releasing the inner pain that drives them into difficulty and under-performance.


The Method for Couples: As I guide you through The Method you will find your blocks to intimacy fading away, freeing you and your partner to enjoy true love based on mutual spiritual growtth.


The Method For Those In Recovery: The Method has proven to be effective in helping individuals achieve liberation from their addicion to alcohol, drugs, relationships, etc.


For Therapists, Coaches and Healers: As I guide you throughThe Method to free blocks to joyful abundance you will be going through a training that prepares you to bring The Method to your clients.


Specific forms of emotional suffering that The Method has assisted In healing:






6.Feelings of Worthlessness, inadequacy, inferiority





11.Feelings of powerlessness

12.Feelings of being a victim



15.Insecurity about finances

16.Insecurity about love

17. Disempowering emotional pain around a health problem or crisis

18. Disempowering emotional pain around relationship problem or crisis

19.Emotional challenges relating to parenting

20.Emotional challenges relating to eldercare

21.Emotional trauma relating to early childhood abuse or neglect

22.PTSD relating to traumatic adult experiences including military experiences and physical injury causing disability  

23.Fear of lack

24.Fear of failure

25.Fear of success

26. Stuck in feelings of betrayed

27. Recovery from addiction


The Method Works!
Free Your Joy. Open the possibilities. Schedule Your Demonstration TODAY!
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