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The Method

For Losing Inner Suffering and Allowing Joy to Create The Miraculous Life That Fulfills Your Heart's Desire.

I'm so eager to share the amazingly simple, powerful and effective meditation with you that I call 
 so that you can know the joy of discoving the level of life that does not change, ALL circumstances PERFECTLY.





The universe is right now offering you 
an open door
into the liberation from fear, unhappiness and insecurity
to unblock your total and unshakeable inner peace, joy, faith and love,

gracing you with abundance of all the good you can desire.


Will you step through?      



a simple, amazingly effective guided meditation that immediately releases you from your emotional pain for inner peace, love, joy and fulfillment beyond your greatest dreams.    


You can do The Method on your own.  


In my phone (or Skype) coaching I will guide you through THE METHOD for even more profound results.


A session takes just 30 minutes. 
Email me today to set up your complimentaryphone coaching session or to receive a link to an audio of me guiding you
through the steps of


Click here to listen to the steps of The Method and my explanation of it on The Miracle Of Healing Podcast.


"Hi Bob,Thank you very much for the complimentary session.

It was absolutely amazing ! "Nick B., Sydney Australia




"Hi Bob, I want to write to thank you for all the work that you have done. At the beginning of my journey, you told me that I will be completely different person. I can definitely say that I feel so much better: I feel happy, calm (most of the time :), I take time to live in the moment and enjoy life (this has never happened before!) and see MIRACLES. You made it all possible. I truly don’t know how to thank you for showing me that there is a different way to live. Please know that every day I thank you and your work."Anna B. Memphis, TN


To hear sample Method Sessions, CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast in which I guide several individuals through The Method.


To live your joyfilled life of miracles...

All you need is the clearing of your fear-based
mental and emotional patterns.  

This clearing is accomplished through The Method.


The Method is a simple, self-guided (or coach-guided) mindful meditation that frees you from emotional pain, trauma and addiction to live in peace and follow your joy into a life of miracles and magic.


Gain release from childhood trauma, addictions
and abusive relationships.


Learn how to trust and live in the now
with your heart overflowing with love and joy.


Watch your problems melt away as your life works out in seemingly
miraculous ways, free of struggle, conflict and worry.


"Thanks for another powerful phone session yesterday. 
And the support that you give is priceless." Thank you! Jill D.
, LA CA  



The Method is your doorway leading you through the wall of fear, disappointment and addiction to control that has been holding you
back from the life of freedom, joy and purpose you long to live.


Financial difficulties are the product of mental and emotional blockages.  Dissolve your's and let abundance flow with  
The Method.


"Bob, prior to our coaching session I felt down and defeated. Following our 30 minute session I felt inspired and empowered, made a sales call and closed with a $500 purchase. Your Method works!" G. McGlothlin, Boston MA


For liberating your creative power from habitually reproducing circumstances and relationships
that conform to your unhappiness and disappointment.




Click HEREto listen to an inspiring interview of me, to get to know me, my background and how The Method can liberate YOU to
the unlimited life you have
not been living.  


Coaching is utilized by all top performers.

The Method Coaching provides you with the support you have been praying for to help you actually LIVE the life of Inner Peace and Grace that spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle talk about.  


Because it works!


Using The Method has made the most positive and profound impact upon my own life. Finally I found a METHOD for gaining freedom from my sporadic bouts with overwhelming depression and anxiety and attraction to relationships inconsistent with my core values.  


For Therapists, Coaches and Healers 
As I guide you through
The Method to free your emotional suffering patterns into your experience of the presence of Grace supporting and guiding you in all things, you will be going through a training that prepares you to bring The Method to your clients.  

A session takes just 30 minutes. 
Email me today to set up your complimentaryphone coaching session or to receive a link to an audio of me guiding you
through the steps of


The Method Works!
Free Your Joy. Open the possibilities. Schedule Your Demonstration TODAY!
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