You have been searching for it, and now you have found it.  THE METHOD for your immediate release from your painful emotions and all that is blocking your joyful abundance and success in every area of your life, including health, money,
career fulfillment, purposeful service, and loving relationship harmony.

"Thank you Bob for working with me to raise my vibration of feeling good. I am grateful for you and your energy that i felt right away. How does it get any better than that?" Helen


Hello, I'm Bob Lancer, and my purpose is simple: 
to guide you through THE METHOD for your immediate release from the painful emotional states and blocks
to your joyful flow of health, abundance,
love and success


is not a philosophy.  It's a simple meditation process that I guide you through over the phone for instant release and liberation.


Email me today to set up your phone or Skype session with me to guide you through The Method meditation process for IMMEDIATE relief from anxiety, unhappiness, and frustration.
You need not suffer another day.



THE METHOD is a new modality for releasing your power locked up in painful emotional states of anxiety, frustration, discouragement, and other forms of unhappiness, to produce an instant positive shift in how you feel and in what you are accomplishing your any area of your life.



When we started our session today and you asked “How are you?” my answer was generic and based on the situations I was dealing with in my life.  I don’t believe I have really ever asked myself “How am I?” from the perspective of my being which is what you were inquiring about.  This session allowed me to realize I have been feeding things in my past so they are ready to bring negativity to my present.  After the session I felt aware, alive, energetic, in control, curious, interested, loved, accepted and at peace.  Love and acceptance are things that I rarely identify with mainly because I have been unsure whether I deserve them or not, but I do.  I am part of the energy of the divine and I have been minimizing my inclusion in the energy as though I must earn it.  You showed me that it is mine now, has always been mine and will always be mine and that the joy and peace that go with that knowledge belong to me everyday.  This is my true self.  Thank you, I am so ready to meet with you again next week.

L. Wright, Pres.


Find happiness in your workplace and understand how that is the key to improving your workplace or advancing to a new and better onne.


Find joy in your work and understand how that is the key to finding success in the career that truly utilizes your gifts, talents and inspiration.


Find relief from relationship strife and dissatisfaction for the loving relationship you dream of.


Find release from greif and attachments to the past to move forward with the freedom to live, love, and laugh fully in this new, infinite-possibility life that is opening up for you.


Find recovery from issues with low self-worth that blocks you from joyful, loving relationships, abundance and higher accomplishment.


Awaken to the level within you where you actually cause your problems and your solutions.


Gain freedom to know that you are truly safe in this universe, that Divine Love is perfectly supporting and providing for you, and that you are always being perfectly and lovingly guided from within.


Many experience immediate physical healing or improvements during one session of The Method.


Become a positive, joyful leader in your organization as you discover how to ALLOW success to happen for you, and liberate the joy and talents of those in your organization.


Learn how to meditate using The Method to free yourself and others from the emotional pain patterns, limiting beliefs that are holding them back from joyful abiundance, love and success.



The Method is a simple but powerful process I guide individuals through for recovery from grief, trauma, anxiety, anger-issues and depression. It also facilitates:

•Recovery from alcohol and drug dependency (and other forms of addiction); 

•Healing emotional embattlement patterns in troubled marriages; 

•Overcoming subtly or obviously abusive emotional reaction patterns in parenting; 

•Release from the inner pain of emotional patterns blocking a rich full life of joy, confidence and worthiness.


THE METHOD is a process and training in self-liberating and self-healing meditatiion.
I also train executives in
The Method  to help them to releive stress, open their minds to fresh and more creative perspectives, and to spread more joy for higher
performance and company loyalty throughout their organization.


Discover what life can be
when you live it joyously!


Specific forms of emotional suffering that The Method has assisted In recovery:






6.Feelings of Worthlessness, inadequacy, inferiority





11.Feelings of powerlessness

12.Feelings of being a victim



15.Insecurity about finances

16.Insecurity about love

17. Disempowering emotional pain around a health problem or crisis

18. Disempowering emotional pain around relationship problem or crisis

19.Emotional challenges relating to parenting

20.Emotional challenges relating to eldercare

21.Emotional trauma relating to early childhood abuse or neglect

22.PTSD relating to traumatic adult experiences including military experiences and physical injury causing disability  

23.Fear of lack

24.Fear of failure

25.Fear of success

26. Stuck in feelings of betrayed



THE METHOD delivers immediate relief from emotional suffering and the limiting beliefs that cause it, to free your flow of
joy, security, worthiness, love, freedom
and inner peace.


"OMG Thank You Bob Lancer for The Method phone session!!! Just soared from the bottom of the barrel feelings to peace, bliss and love to the max! SO SO very grateful. ♥" L. Edwards



A session takes around 20 minutes.   The results are immediate and continue to grow through regular implementation.


Contact me for your demonstration of THE METHOD

via phone or via Skype.  


"The changes are measurable! I’ve made real breakthroughs in so many areas of my life. Bob Lancer
 is someone you can open up to and really feel inner healing occur." T. Koenning


Down through the ages teachers, guides and spiritual leaders have talked about the crucial importance of a positive mindset and living in love and peace,
but that did not help people break free of the negative
mental and emotional conditioning undermining
their joy, peace, and faith.




"I was very unhappy at work, feeling undervalued, underpaid and underutilized.  In just one session of The Method I saw how I was causing myself to feel those ways, and experienced internal relief.  From there, shifts in my workplace occurred in line with my more positive feelings.  It's amazing!"  L. Gerard


THE METHOD is "The Missing Key" for harnessing the joyful power
of a truly positive, harmonious emotional state.


Why is THE METHOD "The Missing Key"? 


It has been well-established that living in positive states of joy, love, inspiration, optimistic anticipation and deep feelings of safety and security ALLOWS our life-circumstances
to increasingly match up with our heart's desires.


But up until now there was no fast-acting, reliable, effective way of shifting from painful negativity and insecurity into splendid positivity in a matter of minutes.
Now That has changed because...




THE METHOD unlocks us from feeling stuck in depression, overwhelm, victimization, self-devaluation, resentment and worry and frees us into blissful states of genuine joy, empowerment and forgiveness in a matter of minutes,


Through regular use of THE METHOD your positive states will
last longer and grow stronger.


"I was in the midst of a painful divorce AGAIN.  My money and career at a standstill. I was still deeply grieving the passing of my sister. I could not see how things could work out. Then I experienced TOTAL relief in my first session.  After my second one I really KNEW that I could be happy again, and that everything could be working out perfectly though I couldn't see why.  I didn't just think this.  I felt and believed it, and that is what has been happening.  The Method works!"  P. Mendleson


THE METHOD frees us from habitual negative reaction patterns, so we can live in more unconditional peace, empowerment, joy and love every day.


There is only one reason why the conditions in your life don't seem to be
working out for you. It is because you are living in negative emotional
states caused by projecting limiting beliefs onto your realituy.
THE METHOD sets you free.


Do you find yourself anticipating defeat, disappointment, even disaster?  


Even when things are going well, do you find yourself worrying that the tide will turn against you soon?


Do you find it hard to celebrate another's victory based on the fear that the more another receives the less there is available for you?


It is only pre-programmed beliefs that produce painful emotional reactions of jealousy, envy, resentment and fearful resistance . See If The Method sets you free.


THE METHOD  clears traumas, heals heartbreak, relieves the energy
locked up in grief and recovers lost self-worth.


"The religions of the world have been telling us that God is Love. The Method has given me the chance to really experience that. I now not only see how my own resistant thoughts and emotions have been blocking me from that experience, I have a tool for clearinng those blocks, and as I do, my life manifests conditions consistent with the truly and totally loving flow of what IS." T. Kasine


Each time you go through THE METHOD with me you will also be receiving training in how to take yourself through the process, and how to help others with it as well. 
We can discuss this on the phone or via Skype.


"If this sounds too good to be true, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It has transformed my life with my mother, my husband, my children, my work.  I've never known such joy, and we are prospering financially again." J. Durso


A session takes around 20 minutes.   The results are immediate.

Contact me for your demonstration of THE METHOD

via phone or via Skype.    


"Your mission is a valuable service and needs to be shared like a wild fire!!" Sadie Ryatt


If you are feeling less than fully inspired, encouraged, joyful,
abundant, grateful, valued, safe, secure, loved and loving
you need NOT suffer any longer because...



"After our session of The Method all the stress I was experiencing at work was gone and I received an unexpected check in the mail! Comes in handy with twins on the way." O.C.  


        What can The Method do for you? 


  • Free your creative energy from the painful, negative, disempowering beliefs about yourself and your life that keep you from the joy of loving and valuing who you truly are and living life fully and confidently as your authentic self.


  • Release you from the painful insecurities that have been producing and reproducing your sense of failure, disappointment, self-devluation and loss.


  • Liberate the joy of life that translates into your experience of more abundance, success and love.


  • Dispel habitual patterns of worry and crushing emotional states of despair and hopelessness .


  • Set you free from codependency to finally and fully love yourself.


  • Release your inner blocks to fully enjoying your life, free from the pain, drain and heaviness of lingering anxiety and sadness. 


"My husband had been so depressed after losing his job that he stopped speaking to me, and there was zero affection.  This went on for years.  After I did one session of The Method that focused on this, the very next day he opened up to me and initiated totally loving intimacy." C.I.


"Before I found The Method I didn't really know any happiness.  After my first session I found myself smiling involuntarily." J. Kanowsky


"After a session of The Method applied to my relationship with my daughter, out of the blue she shifted from resenting me to a long and loving phone chat that was absolutely delightful." S. Mine.


"I was struggling financially and out of a job. After one session of The Method devoted to this issue I was offered a job that I really like, and I took it!" J. Durso  


"I was feeling frustrated and depressed professionally.  After one session of The Method my depression lifted and I found the courage to be more authentic.  After another session focusing on my frustrations with someone at work, that person left, freeing me to follow my own best instincts on the job." R.K.


If you are feeling LESS than totally joyful, inspired, in love, abundant, safe, secure, valued and successful right now, The Method is for you.  Email me to set up a time for your personal 20-minute demonstration.  



The Method Works!
Free Your Joy. Open the possibilities. Schedule Your Demonstration TODAY!
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